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Gabriele Kleiner

Studies: Molecular Biotechnology. Since my school days I am interested in genetics and gentechnology. After visiting a biotechnology lab, I was fascinated by the work and the possibilities emerged through this interdisciplinary science, so I decided to start studying it and I never regretted it ;)

The reason why I participate in iGEM: In my opinion the iGEM competition offers us a possibility to plan OUR OWN project starting from an initial idea up to financial aspects and the lab work. Trough my participation I hope I will learn how to plan and to organize a project and the lab work in a team and also how to present a project (to improve my soft skills). Furthermore I think it is very interesting to get to know a lot of different scientists from all over the world to create some kind of network, which is very useful. But apart from that, one of the most important factors is also to get a lot of different experiences, to have a great time and a lot of fun :)

What I hope to achieve during working in Lab: I hope we will get promising results, that means that we are able to produce one or more active laccases (especially one of the bacterial ones, because it exists less knowledge about them), that we are able to immobilize them efficiently and that they will degrade the predicted substances. :)

What I do if I'm not in Lab: In my spare time I like to do nearly every type of sports (especially riding, swimming, handball,..), to play the piano and to meet friends to cook, watch movies, go to parties and so on :) I am also very interested in photography, but at the moment I haven’t got the time to focus on this hobby ;)

My favourite laboratory equipment: Don’t have one.

My favourite Protein: My favourite protein is RFP (red fluorescence protein) I like the beautiful red colour :)

And my favourite organism: Don’t have one.

What I think about safety an how I want to practise it: It’s difficult to talk about security in laboratories in a few sentences. I think it’s obvious that security is very important and everyone has to keep in mind that he is not only responsible for himself but also for all the other people. So it is necessary to follow all the rules in laboratories and to think about all risks of an experiment before starting it.

Time I like most to work: (early bird/ not a morning person) I like to start to work in the morning, because I think I am more concentrated and patient then. It also means that I have spare time in the evening for all of my hobbies.