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Robert "Sleepless" Chen is a 3rd year Bioengineering student. He enjoys running, cooking, creating cool science lessons, and finding good places to nap on campus. He is an officer of Berkeley Engineers and Mentors, a science outreach organization, where he gets to teach those lessons. Robert worked on cloning the strains for promoter optimization, designing and constructing the MiCode cloning scheme, and characterizing registry yeast promoter strengths.

Celia "Klepto" Cheung is a 2nd year Bioengineering student. When she is not studying organic chemistry, she can be found playing violin during Berkeley Symphony Orchestra rehearsal, stealing the P2 pipette from Robert's bench, or drawing dry erase masterpieces on our whiteboards. Celia worked on the wetlab portion of the project, helping with promoter optimization and MiCode creation. She also worked on image acquisition and kick-started work on our wiki in the middle of the summer.

Thomas "T-Dawg" Chow is a 3rd year Bioengineering student looking towards a future in bioinformatics. He is the Treasurer of the Bioengineering Honor Society, which he has been a member of for two years. Thomas began by creating the actin-localization protein we used, but was primarily involved in the computational side of the project. He wrote Cell Profiler pipelines to recognize the nucleus and run the library check. As a result, he has grown to love the nucleus in an affair of which actin would disapprove.

Austin "Reezy!" Jones is a 4th year Molecular Cell Biology and Environmental Science student. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, hiking, traveling, doing Berkeley Model UN, eating strangely-colored chip dips, and contemplating mung beans. Austin worked on the wetlab side of the project, developing the plasma membrane signal sequence and constructing then testing the initial batch of leucine zippers. And most importantly, he cloned the parts we sent to the almighty registry.

Harneet "Call Me Maybe" Rishi is a 4th year Chemical Engineering student who loves basketball and watching multiple TV shows simultaneously. Harneet was involved in the computational side of the project, where he wrote our Matlab scripts for cell separation. He was also tasked with kicking off our presentation and setting the stage for the rest to follow, losing many nights of sleep over the problem.

Masaki "Illustrator" Yamada is a 4th year Chemical Engineering student. In addition to his studies, he has competed on Berkeley's fencing team for three years, enjoys watching sunsets, and is prone to losing his belongings (wallet in particular). Masaki worked on fluorescence localization, creating the nuclear targeting tag, and on MiCode construction later in the project. With his Illustrator beastliness, he created many diagrams for our wiki, poster, and presentation.

Vincent "Baller" Yeh is a 4th year Chemical Engineering student who loves basketball. In his free time, he enjoys playing "Call Me Maybe" on Harneet's laptop, playing Justin Bieber on his own, and poking fun at Lochte during the Olympics. Vincent created the vacuolar membrane targeting protein and worked on the leucine zipper assay, producing the yeast strains that give us many of the pretty pictures in our wiki and presentation.

Will is a fourth-year graduate student in the Dueber Lab and an ultimate frisbee champion, helping to carry the Dueber Lab team in the annual lab tournament. He has helped the iGEM team tremendously this past summer as an advisor, and has put up with us bothering him with questions every five minutes. Will is the person that Terry and John have stuck with all of the heavy lifting. In fairness, he's younger and can plausibly survive it.

Terry has a master's degree in chemical engineering from MIT and is currently teaching bioengineering at UC Berkeley. He hopes that by doing so, he will be giving students the tools that they will need to repair him when he gets older.

An Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioengineering at UC Berkeley and a principle investigator of the Energy Biosciences Institute, John is our fearless leader.