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Submitted parts:
1 Nucleus targeting protein- Registry Part:BBa_K900002
1 Vacuolar membrane targeting protein- Registry Part:BBa_K900003
1 Actin targeting protein- Registry Part:BBa_K900004
1 Plasma membrane targeting sequence- Registry Part:BBa_K900005
2 Photoactivatable fluorescent proteins (red-PAmCHerry and green-PAGFP)- Registry Parts: BBa_K900000, BBa_K900001
Total: 6 parts submitted to registry

The entirety of the registry submission can be found here.

We also built and characterized 4 promoters from the registry, pSTE5, pCYC1, pADH1, and pTDH3 (Registry Parts: BBa_I766557, BBa_I766555, BBa_I766556, BBa_K124002). The experimental method and data concerning the experiment can be found here and in the Experiences subsection for each part.