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Berkhan Genç

Concentration year: 2016

Affiliation: Work-a-holic (a.k.a. Joker)

Hobbies: Playing Guitar like a gypsy, Zombies And Dragons, Reading Fantastic-Fiction Novels, loving his Neighbor's Impala

Favourite song: Sirena - Mental Symphony

way to pass while waiting for PCR:


Cansu Çelik

Concentration year: 2016

Why iGEM?

Because i think "New" is the greatest thing in life. Meeting new people, experience new things, doing something I've never done before, going to places I've never seen. And the peaceful joy of creating something that had never been existed before. All those things keep me alive and happy. That's why I'm in our lovely team.

Life-long Dream: Breaking a fresh ground in Psychiatry, yes this is it :)


  • Contact Person; taking care of social network pages.
  • Writing the lab-book.
  • Walking around aimlessly and triying to learn every single thing during experiments.


writing very bad poems and not that bad stories reading books discovering new writers shopping in second-hand book store nail polish collector dancing on saturday nights baking three minutes microwave brownie tea and coffee listenning indie and 90's rock music

Favourite song: Garbage - boys wanna fight


Süleyman Mert Yigitbaşı
Concentration year: 2016

translations, experiments

Why igem:
I'm still trying to figure out why

Lifelong dream:
1- Travel around our country on a chopper
2- world tour with my band

music (playing bass guitar in a metalcore band called Ascension, you should check it), cooking, ice-hockey, swimming

Favourite songs:
in flames - evil in a closet
Lamb of god - ghost walking
Pearl jam - yellow ledbetter
Nirvana - come as you are
Behemoth - decade of therion


Sevecen Kaplan

Concentration year: 2016

Affiliation: Art Director

Hobbies: Photography, Painting, Making Collage,searching for pretty little necklesses, looking for kaleidescopes, searching for indie on the internet, running, , Art-a-Holic!

Favourite song(s): The Shins - Australia

way to pass while waiting for PCR: watching 6 episodes of "How I Met Your Mother"

Başak Alan

Concentration year: 2016

Affiliation: Vector Designer

Hobbies:Playing Go, Watching Anime, Seeing Films in Cinema, Improvising songs for my crying-Flute

Favourite song: RadioHead - Go Slowly

way to pass while waiting for PCR: Drinking a case of Açkar Ayran

Burak Gülşen

Concentration year: 2016

Affiliation: Web designer, wannabe LabRat

Hobbies: Music listening and trying to improvise his own, learning languages(nowadays very preliminary), reading books, Philosophy especially Far East and modern materialist-based Philosophies, Judo, aikido, Yoga, also trying to understand other medical aspects such far east streams Politics, ,Electrics-Electronics, programming

Favourite song(s): Serdar Ortaç - Karabiberim

Way to pass while waiting for PCR: Experimenting aikijutsu techniques on Cansu

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