Team BYU Provo


The students of the BYU 2012 iGEM team would like to thank the tireless contributions of our dedicated adviser Dr. Julianne Grose.

We specifically thank John Dallon and Dallin Durfee for help with the math modeling.

We also recognize the help and guidance of our advisors, Dr. Sean Warnick and Dr. David Kooyman.

We would also like to recognize Dr Hazelbauer’s lab at the University of Missouri for the TrZ and OmpC-lacZ constructs.

We thank the Brigham Young University College of Life Sciences, Microbiology and Molecular Biology Department for funding our registration fees and resesarch, and for providing a laboratory and the necessary materials. We also thank New England BioLabs for providing most of the enzymes and reagents.

We recognize the generous donation of software by Matlab. Free access to Matlab greatly enhanced our mathematical modeling.

What we, the students, are responsible for

Although Dr. Grose oversaw the design and implementation of our project, it is important to note that we the students were involved at all steps including the invention, design and actual wet-lab work necessary to create our parts.

The students of the BYU 2012 iGEM team are responsible for all of the lab work, experiments and data collected. They are also responsible for the analysis and modeling of the data. Any contributions to the modeling are specified on the modeling page. The project ideas belong to the entire team.

A special thanks to Eric Jones and John Shumway for the creation and upkeep of this wikisite.