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The project is carried out in stages starting from sampling crumbs plastic in landfills Galuga on the 2nd of June 2012, then isolated on agar media. Transferred from a liquid medium is expected there will be a single cell that contains genes kutinase using enrichment medium. Continued to perform the isolation of DNA from the sample by extraction with host lab is divided by the division of labor among:

1. Modelling Biobrick : Making construction of BioBrick design
2. Isolasi : Making growth media, perform the isolation of the samples will be given further treatment
3. Ligation and Transformation : Doing stage followed by ligation of the sample on the sample stage of transformation
4. Notebook : Document any activities that have been done so visible track record of activity in the form of notes and drawings
5. Degradation Test : Test results obtained are expected to contain genes that are qualitatively and quantitatively
6. Project Report and Literature: look at the literature related to the project that we are doing to see comparison and as reference material) and report the results of the project
7. Project leader Wetlab :Directing the activities wetlab
8. Advisors : Provide guidance related to what we have to carry out in particular in terms of the molecular laboratory work
9. Instructors: Provide technical workmanship molecular laboratory activities every activity we will do
10. Technicians : Provide technical assistance in the laboratory work on all aspects of molecular construction and provision of laboratory materials
11. Professional Website Designer : Website design director
12. Artist : perform work related to the project such as design mascot, poster
13. Negotiator leader : a team representative in negotiating cooperation with external parties
14. Budgetting and accommodation: designing financial needs during the activity
15.Fundrising team: team looking for fundraising
16. Project report, authorship, acknowledgement of source and references: Reported overall activity and gives an idea of ​​how different the research we do
17. Biobrick modeling: assemble a system to perform bio synthetic 18. Poster: create a poster to illustrate the activities we have done with the results of the activity as a whole

Special Thanks to:
1. Dr.Ir. Ence Darmo Jaya Supena, MS
2. Dr. Ir. Rimbawan
3. Dr. Ir. Sri Nurdiati, M.Sc
3. Dr. Ir. Agus Buono, M.Si M.Kom
4. Prof.Dr.Ir. Antonius Suwanto
5. Dr. Ir. Sulistijorini, M.Si
6. Dr. Dra. Anja Meryandini, MS
7. Dr. Dra. Nisa Rachmania, M.Si
8. Esa Ayu Pratama
9. Bulan
10. Liliani Isna Devi
11. Prof. Dr.Suminar Setiati Achmadi
12. Miss Tetty Kemala
13. Dr. Iman Rusmana,