7th of August 2012

  • To catch up on what should have already been done the following will be worked on tomorrow:
    • Easier navigation
    • Dressing up of the wiki (adding pictures/animations/presentations)
    • Adding a glossary
    • Adding a calendar with project milestones
    • Adding medal requirements and a link to the respective data that fullfills these requirements

    31th of Juli 2012

  • Put the following stuff on the wiki: Protocols, Applications, Safety - questions, Safety - components, Frequently Asked Questions</li>

    29th of Juli 2012

  • Project Description: Spent some time the past few days to write (read: Mostly put together already existing parts) a project description to put on the wiki. Somewhere in the coming days we will review it with the group and put it online afterwards.</li>

    25th of Juli 2012

  • Had a meeting for our wiki</li>
  • We are going to add the following stuff in the coming weeks:
  • Project description - Maarten R</li>
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Glenn and Ernst</li>
  • Project application(s) - Matias</li> </li>