Sebastian Wiebe


Sebastian Wiebe

Studies: Genome-Based Systems Biology, because the wish to understand a whole System is a suitable kind of insanity for me.

The reason why I participate in iGEM: There is no better way to learn, than to work on a manageable Project by choice.

What I hope to achieve during working in Lab: I hope that either our experiments verify our model, or lead us to right calculations.

What I do if I'm not in Lab: When im not in the Lab, i drink some maté-tea, ride my mountain bike, chop trees, play my Violin or my Bass and when i have no idea I play video games.

My favorite laboratory equipment: MALDI, becouse i like Lasers.

My favorite Protein: DNA-polymerases: how do they write faster than me?

And my favorite organism: Me, because i coudnt imagine the world without me.

What I think about safety and how I want to practice it: When you are awake: think! If not, go home or follow the rules

Time I like most to work: I like it, when the floors are dark, and you think, you are alone in the Lab. But couriosly I work mostly at the same time like all the others.