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Ethan's Research: Yeast Genome Integration and Bacterial Secretion of Kumamolisin

Along with Guy, I am researching methods of yeast cloning via integration into the yeast genome. For those of you who don't know, yeast undergoes a process called recombination. Recombination likens to crossing over in that homologous DNA sequences on the plasmid insert and portions of the yeast genome swap strands. Unlike crossing over, however, yeast genomic integration does not occur exclusively during meiosis. This makes yeast perhaps the best chassis for genomic integration, since it provides a naturally-occurring and highly efficient integration system. Like crossing over, efficiency of gene retention decreases as the homologous sites move further away from the centromere.

Yeast System

Yeast Integrative Plasmid Vectors (YIp)

Prokaryotic System

Kumamolisin Info
  • 57 kDa (beta-galactosidase: 540 kDa; source)
  • 1701 bp
  • 567 aa