Moritz Müller


Moritz Müller

Studies: Molecular Biotechnologies

The reason why I participate in iGEM: A project of our own, finally! I wish to broaden my horizon, meet clever people & have a lot of fun

What I hope to achieve during working in Lab: That even setbacks lead to better results

What I do if I'm not in Lab: Making music with with my band, Jeet Kune Do

My favorite laboratory equipment: table centrifuge – it’s small but makes a move

My favourite Protein: ATPase – makes the Protons circle pit the whole day

And my favourite organism: Yeast – one cell, but already the features of an eukaryote

What I think about safety: Better be safe than sorry – history can tell what happens if the wrong organism is in the right place.

Time I like most to work: I like to start early, take a break mid-day (especially in summer) and then continue work ‘til night